Reservations/Spa Fees
Reservtions can be made by phone or e-mail.  A nonrefundable deposit of one night will hold your room. 
Spa fees: Two weeks advance notice.  $110 day single occupancy or $80 per person/ per day double occupancy. Three day minimum. Meals, spa activities, daily massage inclusive.B&B fees: $75 day single occupancy or $50 per person/per day double occupancy. Two day minimum. Breakfast included, Dinners OptionalTwo week advance registration required with a non-refundable one night deposit

To visit Cuernavaca is to be surrounded by the history of the conquest of Mexico and to be immersed in the culture which was built from the merging of the Indians and the Spanish. Before Hernan CortÚs used Cuernavaca as his base, the Tlahuica had built a city which even then was known as a center for learning and religious ceremonies. The Aztecs escaped the winter chill of the valley of Mexico by coming to this picturesque place. Since then generations of Mexicans and travelers have made the trip across the mountains to the "City of Eternal Spring." which has also attracted artists, intellectuals and famous people from around the world. Because of its long appeal to the "rich and famous" of the world, medical facilities are first class. Ideally situated, Cuernavaca is a one-hour deluxe bus trip from the Mexico City airport.The picture below is of the Cathedral with the city of Cuernavaca in the background.

MexicoTo visit Mexico is comparable to a visit to the unspoiled Italy of 40 years ago when the expressions "See Italy and die" and "If you have a heart and a shirt, sell your shirt and go to Italy" were born. The owner of La Mancha, a life-long lover of Italy, after a short visit to the magical city of Cuernavaca, she literally sold all of her shirts to follow a dream, return and buy a luxurious small spa in the heart of a Mexican pueblo outside the beautiful and culturally rich Cuernavaca.  You, too, will be enchanted by a visit to paradise.  will you be one of the many to sell your shirt?